ISO9001 · 이노비즈 · 메인비즈 인증 업체

ISO 이노비즈 메인비즈




We produce a various kinds (unique design, practical use, comfortable fit) of product which is

made in multiple material with customer requirements.
  • 1


    Request of production
    and estimate

    1st consultation sending requested sample
    (sample or sketch design or photo)
    Verification of customer requirements
    offering and negotiating Shapeof product, material
  • 2

    Consulting + Sampling

    Analyzing / Data collection
    / selection

    subsidiary materials and swatch collecting based
    on customer requirement 2nd consultation
    1st negotiation of sampling price producing sample
  • 3

    Sample meeting

    Sample meeting/modification
    and supplementation

    Final meeting of sample and customer requirements
    Final modification and supplementation
  • 4

    Order & Deliver

    Order and Delivery

    final quantity, color, delivery date confirmation order
    factory production close examination
    (more than twice)by head office Delivery

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